Grade 10

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Live Session for Grade X

With the help of THE Rookee live video sessions, students can now study from the comfort of their home without any travel to a teaching Centre. The platform offers live video session classes for grade 10 as per the chapters, and topics are laid out in textbooks. The solutions can get answers to all their queries related to the particular subject.  If your kid is interested in additional activities, our volunteers are ready to assist you and help you excel in every field.


Grade X is a vital point in a student’s life, and here at THE Rookee, we understand this concern completely. It is one of the key steps into the world of extensive learning. To monitor them in the most acceptable mode possible, THE Rookie is the ideal platform for live classes for grade 10. We have a vast pool of highly experienced volunteers for all subjects. It is time to sign up and clarify your doubts instantly.


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