Grade 8

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The final year of middle school demands your logical reasoning ability. Grade 8 comes with challenges of developing the understanding of research-based questions. THE Rookee connects you with volunteers to help you comprehend narratives & manage to present ideas and apprehension about topics clearly.  Also, get the help to take approaches for doing research, presenting answers, and support your arguments to score good grades. We aim to make the process of learning easy & quick for learners. We have designed the platform for you to simply connect with the volunteer & start taking live sessions. Pick your interest from the school curriculum to extra activity & start excelling.

An introduction of THE Rookee has started making a difference in the approach of teaching & learning. Here, you choose your volunteer & the subject that takes your interest or you find it tough to understand or an activity that you enjoy to master. Getting on board with THE Rookee will make your journey fun.


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